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Adopt Social Collaboration to Ensure a Successful 2016

Posted by: Eric

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2015 trends you should adopt in 2016: Social Collaboration

If you read my last blog of 2015 I highlighted several trends that you should adopt in 2016 to gain an edge on the competition. Over the next few weeks, I’m taking each of those trends and expanding on why I think it’s important that you take a serious look.

Let’s take a closer look at Social Collaboration.

Social Collaboration refers to processes that help people interact and share information to help achieve a common goal. In real estate, that goal is selling property.

Typical real estate marketing involves making a financial commitment to push your information out into the market place (i.e. brochures, email campaigns, syndication, etc.), so that hopefully someone sees your information, and more importantly, actually takes some action and reaches back out to you. You have no way, other than very general analytics (i.e. open rates, click-throughs, etc.), to gain a true understanding as to who is actually doing something with your information.

With Social Collaboration, instead of pushing your information out, you’re putting information in the hands of the people that can best do something with it — incentivized real estate agents. Using Social Collaboration you can directly communicate with those agents as they expose your property to their contacts. Furthermore, because you have a direct connection, you are able to see who is engaged with your property and how/where they are exposing that property. As a result, you have a much better opportunity to measure ROI on those activities.

In a socially connected world, real estate marketing in this manner gives you the insight and control to create a more powerful real estate sales platform that can achieve your goals more efficiently than traditional methods. If you are serious about taking your company to the next level, Social Collaboration is something to explore and, eventually, embrace.

Connect with me, if you’d like to learn how you can leverage Social Collaboration.

Here is to an AWESOME 2016!

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