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  • Ex-Qidong double the original Electric Co., Ltd

    Product display

    Explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet

    Product introduction of explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet with left and right chambers

    I. Application Scope of Explosion-proof Positive Pressure Cabinet in Left and Right Cavity
    1. It is suitable for dangerous places in zones 1 and 2 of explosive gas environment.
    2. Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment;
    3. Suitable for 20, 21 and 22 districts of combustible dust environment.
    4. Suitable for environment with temperature group T1-T6;
    5. This product is suitable for petrochemical industry, offshore drilling platform, metallurgy, medicine, light industry, textile, wine-making, paint, paint, food, biological engineering, Aerospace Engineering and military facilities.

    2. Product Characteristics of Explosion-proof Positive Pressure Cabinet with Left and Right Cavity

    1. The shell of the product is welded by high-quality steel plate or stainless steel. The surface is polished by high-speed powder electrostatic spraying, and the appearance is beautiful.
    2. This product is an improved explosion-proof product of Shengle Explosion-proof. It can install various common detection instruments, analysis instruments, display instruments, transformers, soft starters, frequency converters, PLC, buttons, switches, touch screens of microcomputers and ordinary electrical components according to user|s requirements. It is completely unlimited for users to install electrical components. System;
    3. Use diversified design, can choose cabinet type (upper and lower form, left and right form), wall hanging type, piano table type, plane type, etc.
    4. Distribution cabinet is composed of cabinet, control system, air distribution system, alarm system and distribution system. The positive pressure chamber is equipped with explosion-proof components of control system and distribution system components of users.
    5. The air intake mode of the left and right cabinets is ventilated, i.e. continuous and uninterrupted air supply. The working heat of the components in the positive pressure chamber can be carried away with the air passage, which has a good heat dissipation effect.
    6. This product is designed, manufactured and inspected with reference to GB3836.1-2000, GB3836.5-2004 and related standards.
    7. The automatic control system mainly completes high-end functions such as ventilation, air supply, ultra-high voltage automatic alarm and exhaust, air pressure alarm, low-voltage interlocking power cut-off, etc. (The positive pressure cabinet has low-voltage interlocking function, when the pressure is lower than the prescribed value (50Pa), the user distribution power supply which automatically cuts off the positive pressure chamber) confirms the safety and practicability of the product.
    8. External protection doors can be installed according to customer requirements, which can display the display or action of internal control parts.
    9. All fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance.
    10. Wiring mode, steel pipe or cable, explosion-proof hose can be used.
    11. It can be customized according to user|s requirements.

    Under the control of the automatic control system, the positive pressure cabinet is fed with protective gas, and the pressure inside the positive pressure chamber is higher than that outside the positive pressure chamber, thus forming a safe small environment of micro-positive pressure, which prevents the inflammable dangerous gas from entering the positive pressure chamber and ensures the safe operation of the internal common instruments and electrical components.

    3. Technical parameters of explosion-proof positive pressure cabinet with left and right chambers
    Explosion-proof signs: ExdeIIBT4/T5/T6, ExdeIICT4/T5/T6, DIP A20 TA, T4/T5/T6;
    Rated voltage: AC220/380V, non-standard voltage: 12V/24V/36V/127V/660V;
    Total switching current: 10A - 800A; Separate switching current: 1A - 630A;
    Protection level: IP54/IP55/IP65;
    Thread specification: DN15-DN100/G1/2-G4 inch
    Lead-in wire specifications: 6mm-80mm in diameter; Lead-out wire specifications: 6mm-80mm in diameter;
    Lead-in and lead-out direction: up-in, up-out, down-in, down-out (unlimited according to customer requirements)

    IV. Instructions for Order:
    1. The dimension parameters of this series of products are only for users|reference. If the parameters are unknown or have special requirements, you can contact our company|s technical department. All parameters are subject to nameplate and product technical documents.
    2. All export products can be manufactured only after the user|s power supply voltage and frequency are implemented.
    3. Because of the company|s development needs, the products are constantly updated. If there are any changes, we will not inform you otherwise.

    4. If users have special requirements for explosion-proof treatment, our company must formulate a detailed plan, submitted to the user for review, before production can be confirmed. At the same time, the explosion-proof performance of the equipment will be tested by a special explosion-proof testing mechanism, and the equipment will not be put into use until it is qualified. If there is an order demand, you can contact our sales department.