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    Working principle of explosion proof positive pressure cabinet
    1. When the pressure is higher than 1000 Pa, the relief valve automatically opens the exhaust valve and automatically adjusts the internal pressure to ensure that the product is not deformed and damaged by high pressure impact.
    2. When the pressure is lower than 50 Pa, the automatic control system automatically sends out alarms and outputs alarm signals. It is necessary to adjust the internal pressure. When the gas is successfully replenished, it automatically returns to normal. Otherwise, the system can be set up automatically when necessary.(The national standard stipulates that the low-voltage alarm in Area 1 should be cut off. Area 2 low pressure alarm can not cut off the power supply).
    3. Only when the pressure of the cabinet body satisfies the specified pressure requirements, the forward pressure blowing control system will effectively replace the cabinet body(1 area needs to replace 7 times the cabinet free space, and 2 areas need to replace 5 times the cabinet free space). When the effective ventilation is completed, provide signals to the cabinet body.
    4. The working pressure in the positive pressure cabinet is 50 Pa ≤ P ≤ 1000 Pa.
    Application range of explosion proof positive pressure cabinet