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                  Ex-Qidong double the original Electric Co., Ltd

                  About Us

                  Ex-Qidong double the original Electric Co., Ltd. (Qidong preservative Explosion Electric Co., Ltd.) is located in the north shore of the Yangtze River and Shanghai||s only one which is separated from the city of Qidong in Jiangsu province, the traffic is very convenient. With a professional production plant explosion-proof electrical equipment, explosion-proof lighting, electrical appliances, instruments, accessories and other products of the enterprises. Products in strict accordance with the national standard GB3638-2000 environment of explosive gas used electrical equipment provides research, development and production, and made a number of countries explosion-proof certificate of competency.

                  Production of the wide coverage of the explosion-proof electrical appliances, a series of thousands of more than 100 specifications, explosive gas can be used for environmental and explosive dust explosion-proof environment of professional plant. Enterprise strong technical force, have a stronger design, development capabilities, precision machining equipment and comprehensive range of the detection equipment, improve product quality to provide a reliable guarantee.

                  Enterprises always uphold the "quality of life and customers as the center and market-oriented and to the credibility of development," business philosophy, warmly welcome friends from various circles at home and abroad visit the guide, work together.